About Us


Our Approach

We are always researching the demand and opportunities for every area of study that we provide here at Fast Careers. We provide a quick way to get educated and become knowledgeable in a specific area of study and obtain the credentials necessary to enter that field of work. Rather than spending countless amounts of months or even years in other institutions, we aim at the quickest certifications possible for the best opportunities.

Our Story

Fast Careers was built on helping people find jobs through the quickest outlets.  After several placements, the recipe of getting someone started in their career by following our steps was a proven fact and the rest is history.

Meet the CEO

We are more than qualified to meet your needs.
With the ability to draw from personal experiences and
ongoing education, we provide the best online/classroom
experiences around.

Jared Smedley

President / CEO

Jared Smedley, Sacramento CA born and raised has several years of experience in business management and in technical & graphic design.  His forward way of thinking keeps Fast Careers trainings cutting edge using state of the art software and the best content from knowledgeable instructors.

Next Steps...

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